Radiography & Fluoroscopy

The Epsilon High-Voltage RF generator is an Advanced High Frequency X-ray Generator designed with a unique power inverter technology and modular conception. As more power or specific features are needed, plug-in modules are added to the generator’s main core made out of an electronic controller and two encapsulated high-voltage modules.

The custom-made configurations are best suited to conventional RF (EPS 45-80 RF) applications and to the latest digital procedures.


EPS 45-80 RF

The EPS 45-80 RF High-Voltage generator main characteristics are:

  • Very high output frequency of up to 240 kHz.
  • Solid state high-voltage modules (no oil) permitting small dimensions and reduced weight.
  • 19”-rack compatibility for installation inside OEM cabinets. Electric cabinet available.
  • Modular design allowing to grow an existing generator from 45 kW to 50 kW to 65 kW to 80 kW with the simple addition of Inverter Boards.
  • Exceptionally high efficiency resulting in reduced mains line impedance requirements and power consumption.
  • Leading-edge self-diagnostic capabilities and fast auto-tube calibration.
  • Extremely sharp rise times and fall times unparalleled by any other generator on the market
EPS Cabinet

Epsilon Cabinet

This high quality Epsilon cabinet provides the Epsilon High-Voltage Generator with perfect mechanical enclosure and insures complete safety of the installation. It is made out of light-weight panels easily assembled using simple tools. The cabinet exits in two versions:

P/N 10017.005
For standard EPS 45-80 High-Voltage generator


  • 76.8 x 81.2 x 47.2 (cm) (d/h/w)
  • 30.25” x 32” x 18.6”


  • Approximately 15 kg (33 lb)
P/N 10017.006
For EPS 45-80 High-Voltage generator with 2-Tube Option


  • 76.8 x 1268 x 47.2 (cm) (d/h/w)
  • 30.25” x 50” x 18.6”


  • Approximately 22.7 kg (50 lb)
Epsilon Generator