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For any specific problem or technical information, EMD Technologies’ customer service department can be contacted from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Eastern Time :

  • Phone:    450.491.2100 or 1.888.491.2100 (toll-free)
  • Fax    :    450.491.4138
  • E-mail :

Please, have the following information ready before calling for support:

  • Detailed description of the problem, specific message at the console, operative mode, technique parameters.
  • Conditions in which this problem could be reproduced.
  • Generator hardware and software configuration (Continuous or Pulsed Fluoro, Power output, optional boards installed..).
  • Part number and revision number of the installed software or firmware set. This can be obtained in the following manner:
      • Using the Epsilon PC Tools =>
        • Connect the PC to the generator and launch the Epsilon PC Tools program.
        • Start the communication between the console and the generator using "Transfer" and "Connect".
        • Use Tools and Service menu to enable the Diagnostic module and select History Log tab.

          i It is a good idea to do a Query and obtain a further 
              description of the fault (Description, code and data).
      • Using the Epsilon Operator Console, press Fault Reset key 3 seconds, select "System"/"Monitor"/“Soft Rev” and use the Arrow-up and Arrow-down keys to obtain the different firmware numbers & revisions.