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The Power Inverter Modular concept stems from the DPS technology applied to High-Voltage X-ray Generators. The concept uses a patented IGBT resonator technology capable of oscillating at more than 100 kHz (up to 240 kHz output frequency) surpassing the competitor’s SCR, MOSFET Inverter or even conventional IGBT technology that works at dramatically lower frequencies. The unique emd’s variable frequency resonator produces a kV flatness waveform at very quick rise & fall times, thus lowering the soft radiation. This realization embodies other important technological achievements designed with innovative power switching inverter modules and a cascaded series of high frequency power transformers embedded in a solid dielectric high voltage unit.

High Voltage Advanced Power Electronics, in opposition to traditional power electronics, includes intelligent interface (software) between raw power and electronic equipments and is also customizable, more reliable and more energy efficient. Our Distributed Power Supply (DPS) technology uses high frequency power switching circuits and software-based control technologies to convert raw power into required output voltages and final applications. The principal feature of that technology is to deliver power in modular blocs where it is needed. The traditional way of other power electronics manufacturers is to have a dedicated power source for each device to be powered up. The High Voltage Advanced Power Electronics allows the OEMs to configure their products accordingly with their needs. Furthermore, the patented DPS technology can easily be adapted to some other new target markets, such as Non Destructive Testing X-ray (NDT), X-ray Security, Medical CT Scanners, Ozone Purification, Fuel Cells, Battery Chargers and Solid State Lighting (SSL).